Sales Director (工資面議)

經驗3-5年 / 本科 / 印度尼西亞-雅加達




1.Develop and maintain advertisers and traffic, complete business contact, negotiation, tracking and signing;

2.Provide customers with personalized and professional business cooperation plans and revenue improvement plans based on the customer position and product characteristics;

3.Responsible for the establishment and maintenance of partnership, improve customer satisfaction, and achieve the company's performance targets;

4.Collected various market information and timely fed back to the superior and relevant departments, and coordinated to solve the problems in the feedback and promotion of project operation;

5.According to the needs of the company's business development, look for and explore new cooperation resources and new business directions.

Job requirements:

1.Bachelor degree or above, at least 3 years of relevant working experience in relevant industry, excellent language skills;

2.Be able to actively acquire and synchronize business information and find cooperation opportunities;

3.Excellent customer relationship management and expectation management ability, focusing on meeting customer needs and solving customer pain points;

4.Proactive in communication, serious and responsible in work, capable of promoting and solving problems.


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